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Be one of the first to literally own SHIT coin. Join the SHIT Heads.

Prepared to leap straight into the swamp of foolishness ? Announcing American Shit Coin (SHIT) – the pinnacle of valueless digital garbage !

?? Zero value? Check!
?? No use? Indeed, you can bet on it!
?? Entirely for laughs? Without a doubt!
?? Similar to our chosen leaders? Absolutely, you mindless followers!

Enter the arena of stupidity and grab your SHITcoins now! Available on exchanges for all you gullible folks who think this is a smart move . Don’t miss out on this unique chance to waste your funds in the toilet ! ????

How to buy:

1. Get a digital wallet like Phantom.
2. Deposit SOL.
3. Go to Raydium and swap SOL for SHIT.
4. Congrats , you’re officially part of the gag!
5. Token address: CA: 2e1pdGgJEy5VbgsF5wG2jqRKoLJapjpQcXMd2TLuktUF
6. American Shit Coin Website:


This is all in good fun , hope you got a laugh too – on a real note, I know I’ll be grabbing a few playful memecoins when the market picks up . Just throwing a little cash around, how bad could it be?

See ya

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